Flamingo Holding Group: The 25-year history of establishment and development;
The leading pioneer in the fields of real estate, hospitality, tourism, services, construction, architecture, art…;
The only enterprise honored by more than 300 prestigious awards in the world;
Sustainable development by the philosophy of green architecture, respecting natural values
Aspiration to bring Vietnamese brand to the world
gioi thieu chung thuong hieu



Flamingo is Vietnam’s leading corporation, pioneering in 4 fields: real eastate, resort, tourism and architecture.


Creating a true value system with hearts and minds, through outstanding products accompanied by excellent services. All for customers, partners, employees, and the social community.
tam nhin su menh thuong hieu


People are the core factor for the development of the organization. Therefore, Flamingo Group is committed to building the best policies, conditions, and working environment in their ability to bring development to employees and contribute to the development of the society and serve the country.
Flamingo holds the power of intelligence in high regard, considering it as a beacon light guiding the Group’s vision, mission and activities.
Being constantly innovative, creative and creating new products, new values, useful for the community. Good thinking, coupled with creativity, is a turning point that brings out distinctive values and unique identities in each product and service of Flamingo Group
Flamingo holds the proactive attitude and responsibility in high regard and vice versa, Flamingo is committed to having good policies to encourage individuals with great achievement, building a working environment towards work efficiency.
We believe: Every product is an excellent product/ excellent service from excellent people. Leaders are a reflection of their constant efforts to create outstanding excellence for their employees.

Formation &Development

Culture forpeople

Flamingo culture is associated with the Group's sustainable development strategy;
Appriciating and honoring the achievments, contributions and initiatives of individuals/ collectives
Appeciating humanity with the principle of "drinking water, remembering the source”
Working hard, enthusiastically, responsibly;
Actively participating in volunteer work, to honor the value of humanity.
van hoa vi con nguoi